Patrick Shutt

One Marketplace IS Telecom Expense Management!

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Global Capacity’s One Marketplace Access Exchange Recognized For Outstanding Cost Saving Solutions Writing about telecom expense management (TEM) immediately after blowing the lot on Christmas and New Year’s festivities is making my heart race! It’s nearly impossible not to think about my own checkbook (though I’m not sure if I even have one of those anymore). [...]

Global Capacity Hires Experienced Sales Executive John Powell as EVP of Sales

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Global Capacity has announced the addition of John Powell as its Executive Vice President of Sales. Prior to joining Global Capacity, John served as Vice President of Channels and Business Development at Tata Communications. He has over 25 years of experience in information technology and telecommunications, and has successfully built world-class sales teams as a Sales Vice [...]

Optimization – What Will You Do With Your Finished Basement?

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If I told you I could quickly run an analysis of the total square feet of your house and subsequently show you a finished basement you never knew existed, would you let me? What if I then told you that I could rent that finished basement (remember, a second ago you didn’t know it existed), and [...]

London Calling – Global Capacity

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Global Capacity is crossing the pond to discuss the challenges and solutions to one of the biggest obstacles surrounding global service delivery, Local Access. As one of the U.S.’s preeminent facilitators of access network procurement, provisioning and exchange, they know a little something about that. Putting the “Global” in Global Capacity, the company’s CEO, Patrick Shutt, [...]

Global Capacity Expands Executive Leadership Team

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Sought-after industry Attorney, M. Gavin McCarty has joined Global Capacity as General Counsel. Mr. McCarty joins Global Capacity from Shefsky & Froelich where he is senior counsel in the general corporate law group, and focused on technology, Internet, regulatory, telecommunications and energy law. Mr. McCarty has over fifteen years of telecommunications experience, having worked on a [...]