Orchid Cellmark

One Source Networks’ Orchid Cellmark Case Study to be Considered as 'Crowd Favorite' by the Enterprise 2.0 Conference

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Being selected as a contender for 'Crowd Favorite' involves several factors, but primarily is based on feedback and wisdom of the technology community and approval of the E2 advisory. With OSN’s expertise, Orchid Cellmark Inc., a leading international DNA testing service company, receives custom voice and data networking solutions that exceeds what any other providers could offer. The results not only provide Orchid Cellmark’s operating expenses to be considerably lower, but also allows for additional bandwidth and solutions – via a single source. The case study shows the importance of custom design, flexibility and solid implementation support in delivering an integrated enterprise network.

One Source Networks is Orchid Cellmark’s First Choice for Voice and Data Communication Solutions

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One Source Networks announced today that Orchid Cellmark, an international provider of DNA testing s ervices has selected One Source Networks as its primary voice and data communications provider for its U.S. locations. Orchid Cellmark chose OSN’s Virtual Private LAN Service (VPLS) to connect its four U.S. sites, which include Princeton, New Jersey; Dayton, Ohio; and [...]