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One Marketplace IS Telecom Expense Management!

Global Capacity’s One Marketplace Access Exchange Recognized For Outstanding Cost Saving Solutions Writing about telecom expense management (TEM) immediately after blowing the lot on Christmas and New Year’s festivities is making my heart race! It’s nearly impossible not to think about my own checkbook (though I’m not sure if I even have one of those

Global Capacity Hires Experienced Sales Executive John Powell as EVP of Sales

Global Capacity has announced the addition of John Powell as its Executive Vice President of Sales. Prior to joining Global Capacity, John served as Vice President of Channels and Business Development at Tata Communications. He has over 25 years of experience in information technology and telecommunications, and has successfully built world-class sales teams as a Sales

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Global Capacity Making Strides in Europe – Strikes Deal with Colt

Global Capacity has added Colt Technology Services to its portfolio of global providers. The commercial integration of Colt provides Global Capacity the opportunity to procure and provision network solutions across Colt’s 35,000km network including 39 metropolitan area networks within major European cities and 19 Colt data centres. In recent weeks, Global Capacity has announced the

Optimization – What Will You Do With Your Finished Basement?

If I told you I could quickly run an analysis of the total square feet of your house and subsequently show you a finished basement you never knew existed, would you let me? What if I then told you that I could rent that finished basement (remember, a second ago you didn’t know it existed),

Welcome to One Marketplace, Can I Interest You in Ethernet?

In my Time to Take Inventory blog I detailed many of the milestones achieved by Global Capacity in 2011. I also noted that there were other major announcements on the way. Can you say, “Price check on Ethernet?” One Marketplace Access Exchange now provides customers automated access to customized Ethernet pricing based on customer-specific requirements.

Global Capacity Adds Key Members to Advisory Board

Global Capacity recently announced that Mark Maletz, a senior fellow at Harvard Business School; and Mohsen Moazami, Corporate Vice President, Emerging Markets & Globalization Centre at Cisco, have joined the Company's Advisory Board. Mr. Maletz and Mr. Moazami will provide strategic guidance to the Company as it continues to execute its innovative business model, leveraging

Global Capacity’s COO Talks Automation with Capacity Magazine

Global Capacity’s COO, Jack Lodge, recently talked shop with Capacity Magazine’s, Angela Partington.  In the article, Pricing Principles, Partington and Lodge (among others) discuss pricing models that are placing huge pressure on margins in wholesale telecoms. The article explores how these pricing levels are set, and how the process is likely to develop in coming

Global Capacity Adds More Talent – Hires New CTO

Global Capacity continues to put new and experienced talent in key positions within the company. In August, the company announced the appointment of Greg Hough to lead its newly formed Global Network Strategy team and brought onboard Gavin McCarty as General Counsel. Its most recent move makes Craig Magerkurth its new CTO. Craig joins Global

Last Mile Indigestion – Solving the Local Access Conundrum

Enterprises rely on their data centers to run business operations, service providers rely on their data centers to generate revenues by delivering network services, and content providers rely on their data centers to distribute revenue-producing content. And like their customers, data centers rely on networks. Networks are the essential part of any modern communications and

This Ain’t Your Father’s Marketplace

(Starting a blog by defining a term is really ‘high school book report’ of me, I know. Just bear with me…) According to Wikipedia, A marketplace is a location where goods and services are exchanged. The traditional market square is a city square where traders set up stalls and buyers browse the merchandise. This kind

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Global Capacity – Time to Take Inventory

2011 has already been a watershed year for Global Capacity. In May, 2011, the company was acquired by Pivotal Group, a private equity firm committed to taking the company to global recognition. Since then, the company has had a number of major announcements, including a strategic reorganization, adding new and experienced executive talent and major

Global Capacity’s Greg Hough to Direct the Strategy of One Marketplace Access Exchange

To meet the ongoing market demand for its One Marketplace Access Exchange, Global Capacity has appointed Greg Hough to drive strategy of the platform.   Since May, when the company announced the uptake and growth of the platform, One Marketplace Access Exchange continues to exceed market expectations.  Many network operators struggle to price, provision and install last

Interview with Greg Hough, CTO of Global Capacity

At the Telecom Exchange held in NYC on June 29th, Greg Hough, CTO of Global Capacity met with TMCNet's Julianna Kenny.  The interview was video-taped and can be viewed by going to: in the meantime, here are some key take aways from the interview for your easy, reading pleasure: - Global Capacity has acquired

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MegaPath Selects Global Capacity’s One Marketplace Access Exchange

MegaPath, the largest, privately-held, end-to-end, facilities-based data, VoIP and security technologies provider, has selected Global Capacity’s One Marketplace Access Exchange platform, an intelligent quoting platform that provides fast and accurate delivery of competitive market rates. Since choosing One Marketplace Access Exchange, MegaPath has automated its quote processes while gaining visibility to pricing available from its existing

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