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UAE-IX Welcomes Global Cloud Xchange as Newest Member

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Today UAE-IX, the first carrier-neutral Internet traffic exchange platform in the Middle East, welcomed Global Cloud Xchange (GCX) as its newest exchange member. The two parties signed the agreement during this week’s Capacity Middle East conference in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE). UAE-IX enables GCX to connect to key international networks more efficiently, assiting in the [...]

Optimization – What Will You Do With Your Finished Basement?

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If I told you I could quickly run an analysis of the total square feet of your house and subsequently show you a finished basement you never knew existed, would you let me? What if I then told you that I could rent that finished basement (remember, a second ago you didn’t know it existed), and [...]

One Source Networks and David’s Bridal – The Perfect Marriage!

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I live in Chesterton, Indiana (Great open air market, no movie theater, etc.), not exactly the most metropolitan of places, but there are 4 David’s Bridal stores within 100 miles of my house - which suggests that either the Greater Chicagoland area is a hot-bed for brides or David’s has got a healthy footprint. The fact [...]