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NexxCom Wireless UK Networks Nearing Capacity; Continues Expansion of Mission Critical Low Latency Networks Throughout the Region

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 NexxCom Wireless announced that its link between the London Stock Exchange’s City of London data center and the Equinix London data center campus in Slough (LD4), is already nearing capacity.  A vital link for bandwidth-intensive traders, the link has exceeded expectations in all critical areas, including latency and availability. "The London Stock Exchange to Equinix data center [...]

Hibernia Atlantic Named London Stock Exchange Group Accredited Connectivity Partner

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Hibernia Atlantic has been named an Accredited Connectivity Partner (ACP) by London Stock Exchange Group. London Stock Exchange Group is an operator of a broad range of international equity, bond and derivatives markets. The partnership is an integral part of London Stock Exchange Group’s new connectivity service, Customer Managed Connectivity (CMC), which will allow customers direct [...]