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XKL Announces the Expansion of its eVolocity Platform at NANOG 70

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XKL announced the expansion of its eVolocity platform today at NANOG 70. The exciting new features of eVolocity include DWDM networks and lit service handoffs all across the same interface. This capability allows customers to connect physically separate private DWDM networks within a single platform. The ability to light dark fiber and interface to lit services, [...]

XKL’s Len Bosack to Deliver Keynote Address at NANOG 70

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Next week during NANOG 70 - taking place from June 5 – 7 in Bellevue, Washington - XKL’s Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Len Bosack, will deliver a keynote address where he will analyze the role statistical multiplexing plays in networks and assess the likely trajectory it and other advances will take in the years to [...]

XKL Introduces its New 100GE Coherent Platform, eVolocity

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Bandwidth use is often unpredictable and as data demands increase at exponential rates, businesses must strive to keep up. Len Bosack, Founder and CEO of XKL, discovered an opportunity to solve that problem through the intelligent and swift prioritization of bandwidth. Today, Mr. Bosack and his team of expert engineers announced the launch of eVolocity, XKL’s [...]

Preparing for a Future Past 100G

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On Sunday, January 15th, XKL’s CEO Len Bosack will present “Dark Fiber: Preparing for a Future Past 100G” at the Pacific Telecommunication Conference in Honolulu, Hawaii. Mr. Bosack’s presentation will review the current state of dark fiber and the necessary steps to surpass 100G. He will also discuss what is next for the dark fiber industry, and [...]

XKL’s CEO To Present Visionary Keynote at the 4th Dark Fibre Convention

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XKL, LLC. Founder and CEO, Len Bosack will present the Visionary Keynote address at the 4th Dark Fibre International Convention taking place November 29-30 in London. The Dark Fibre Convention is designed to deliver insight into growth occurring in the dark fiber sector with presentations, case studies and a wide range of national and international networking opportunities. In [...]

XKL Talks Access to Fiber with TMC

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At the recent Telecom Exchange event, Len Bosack, CEO of XKL, was interviewed by TMC. During the interview, Len explained how XKL’s equipment provides companies’ with efficient easy-to-use solutions for their networks. Len also spoke about the topic of access to dark fiber, a topic which arose in the CEO Roundtable at Telecom Exchange. Access to [...]

“If You Are Planning For a Future Beyond 100G the Answer is Today”

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June’s Telecom Exchange event featured a CEO roundtable comprised of the industry’s top C-Level executives. Among these C-levels was XKL’s CEO, Len Bosack. The discussion focused on the future of telecom and the demand for “more” at a faster rate. In the discussion on speed, Len brought up fiber quality. As companies want to move capacity [...]

XKL's Optical Transport Systems Recognized as 2010 Communications Solutions Product of the Year

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It's been a tremendous year for Kirkland, Washington-based XKL, LLC., a leading-edge provider of enterprise fiber optic networking equipment. The company, which has been steadfastly proving its end-to-end optical equipment to the market as a low-latency, low cost way to light dark fiber, has received accolades by industry pundits for its developments.

Cisco Founder to Participate at the Telecom Exchange

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Fouder of Cisco Systems and now Founder and CEO of XKL, LLC.  Len Bosack has been asked to participate as one of 5 industry-leading CEO's at the Telecom Exchange CEO round table taking place on June 29th in New York City at Cipriani's downtown.  The event is set to be one of the years most productive networking [...]

XKL’s CEO Len Bosack To Participate on CEO Roundtable and Sponsor at the Telecom Exchange

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XKL, LLC., a leading-edge provider of enterprise fiber optic networking equipment, is proud to announce Len Bosack will present on the CEO Roundtable at the inaugural Telecom Exchange June 29th.  Len is the founder and CEO of XKL and the co-founder of Cisco Systems.  His extensive experience and knowledge of the industry will facilitate interesting discussions [...]

XKL Sponsors NANOG 52 in Denver

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XKL, a leading provider of optical transport terminal technologies, is proud to be a sponsor of the upcoming educational and operational forum for network operators, NANOG 52, in Denver, CO June 12-15. XKL will sponsor the event breaks taking place on Tuesday, June 14.   NANOG52 is a meeting of Internet technologists and includes tutorials, presentations, panel [...]

XKL Teams Up with the Washington Stealth to Raise Money for Northwest Harvest

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XKL, LLC and the National Lacrosse League’s Washington Stealth team have been raising money and collecting food donations over the past few months to help raise funds and awareness for the Northwest Harvest food bank. Northwest Harvest is the only non-profit food bank distribution center operating statewide in Washington with a network of over 300 food [...]

JPIX Powers its Internet Exchange in Japan with XKL's Optical Transport Solutions

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XKL's award-winning enterprise fiber optic networking equipment has been selected by the Japan Internet Exchange Co. Ltd (JPIX), the largest Internet Exchange in Japan, to power its network.  XKL's DXM10-10 and DXM10-5R Optical Transport Systems provide JPIX's diver network a stable, easy solution to manage its high volume of traffic across its Exchange points.  With over [...]

XKL, LLC’s DarkStar® Solutions wins Innovative Manufactured Product of the Year from WTIA!

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XKL , LLC  is proud to announce that its DarkStar ® fiber optic transport products is the winner of the Innovative Manufacturer Product of the year award as part of the Washington Technology Industry Association’s 16th annual Industry Achievement Awards.   The award was received on Thursday, February 24, 2011 in Seattle, Washington by XKL’s Susan [...]

XKL- Dark Fibre Convention’s Keynote Visionary Speaker

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Len Bosack, CEO and Founder of XKL, LLC was the Convention’s Visionary Keynote speaker at the Dark Fibre Convention on Nov 4-5 in London. Len gave a presentation on their optical transmission systems and reviewed how global communications require consistent networks around the world. Len also further mentioned how technology exists to economically expand global bandwidth [...]