The New Age of Interconnectivity: JSA Virtual CEO Roundtable

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Just released - our latest JSA Virtual CEO Roundtable, "The New Age of Interconnectivity." Technological advances and increasing network capacity demands are posing new and progressively difficult challenges for network interconnection and cloud service providers. This JSA Virtual CEO roundtable examines these challenges and detail how forward-thinking companies are addressing interconnectivity challenges today; and how they’ll [...]

“Tubes” Connects the Physical Reality of the Internet

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Long time friend of JSA, Andrew Blum has just released his new book entitled  “Tubes: A Journey to the Center of the Internet” which has been receiving some great press while shining a positive light on our industry's connectivity. The Wall Street Journal included an excerpt from the book and CBS News interviewed Andrew on his main drivers for writing [...]

Neutral Tandem & Tinet Launch “EtherCloud” a One-Stop-Shop Global End-To-End Network Solution

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Since the integration of Tinet’s global network following the October 2010 acquisition by Neutral Tandem, Tinet, a Neutral tandem company is excited to announce a new product that delivers end-to-end global Ethernet solutions, “EtherCloud.” EtherCloud interconnects diverse networks, simplifies the delivery of Ethernet and VPLS services on a global basis and removes the hurdles required to [...]

Turning Communications Dreams into Reality: Allied Fiber’s Next Generation Network Solutions

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Since the public announcement of Allied Fiber's network was made on May 24, 2010, the company has made great strides to educate the marketplace about it's network offering. Not a week goes by that Allied Fiber isn't mentioned in an article about new dark fiber cable systems, solving mobile backhaul interconnectivity issues, illustrating new ways that Container Data Centers can be used and deployed for a wide variety of network solutions.

GigaBeam Complements Allied Fiber's Dark Fiber Network

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By utilizing the appropriate wireless technology proper design practices, a hybrid network comprised of GigaBeam Broadband Wireless Solutions and Allied's Dark Fiber Network will create a viable backhaul and middle mile infrastructure which will extend the reach of broadband whether in an urban/suburban setting or in a rural environment.