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NJFX Celebrates Speed & Connectivity at the Launch of its “Tier 3 by the Subsea” Campus

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New Jersey Fiber Exchange (NJFX) announced the launch of its Tier 3 by the Subsea colocation campus yesterday, the very first of its kind to intersect where subsea cables from the United States, Europe, South America and the Caribbean meet. The direct connectivity to Tier 1 Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and fiber providers over these international [...]

GlobeNet Awarded Best IT & Telecom Company by Valor 1000

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It has been said that valor grows by daring. GlobeNet has dared to push the limits of innovation with its next-generation services in Brazil, earning it the Valor 1000 Best IT & Telecom Company of 2016 award by Valor Economico. The wholesale provider of Latin and North American data network services has been busy in 2016 [...]

Ready Today for Tomorrow

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The Internet turned 25 this week, which led Internet users the world over to reminisce about the beginning of the World Wide Web. Many could not begin to dream of the strides we would take since that day; of our now ever connected world. The Internet has come a long way since the beeps and whirs [...]

Three Services, Only One Port

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PacketExchange offers customers the ability to access all three of their Internet solutions providing companies the ability to optimize the way they connect to the Internet. By entering through one port, companies gain access to PacketExchange’s Public Peering, Private Peering and the Public Internet network solutions.