Get to Know Your JSAer

Get to Know Your JSAer: Jaclyn Riback Levy, A Woman with Unexplored Superpowers and an Unexplained Thing for Tom Hanks

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The adage “talent will out” suggests that achievement follows spontaneously, ineluctably from ability. And yet, studies across multiple domains as far back as the nineteenth century have pointed instead to “a triple event of ability, combined with zeal, and the capacity for hard work” to account for the causative factors underlying achievement. In other words, what [...]

Get to Know The Ultimate JSAer on #IWD2019

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Happy International Women’s Day from our JSA family! When our team was brainstorming on who would be the best JSAer to feature on this month’s “Get to Know” series, the answer became quite clear, quite fast. Jaymie Scotto Cutaia founded this company 14 years ago, and has built it from the ground-up. As anyone can imagine, [...]

Get to Know Your JSAer – Daniel Highet

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I am sure by now you have heard the news. Telecom and technology public relations veteran, Daniel Highet, has joined JSA to contribute specialized communications and multimedia content as JSA continues to ramp up customized client services. What does that mean? Well, as JSA's Director of Content, Daniel will work across account teams and client campaigns [...]

Know Your JSAer – Matt Pera

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Behind each and every JSAer there is always that special something – it’s what makes our team so uniquely talented, dedicated and spirited. While it might be hard to believe that we do in fact have lives beyond the walls of our home offices (no matter what time you may receive an email from one of [...]