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Cross River Fiber Completes Latency-Sensitive Fiber Route to NJFX Tier 3 Colocation Campus

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The completed fiber route deploys all new optical glass, as well as a path that is diverse from other legacy infrastructure options, which equates to an extremely reliable network for NJFX customers. Announced at PTC’18 today, Cross River Fiber, a New Jersey-based, boutique network infrastructure and telecommunications solutions provider, has completed its fiber network to the [...]

FirstLight and Sovernet Communications Join Forces

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  It’s official - FirstLight Fiber, a leading fiber-optic bandwidth infrastructure services provider operating in the Northeast, has announced that Oak Hill Capital Partners has completed its acquisition of Sovernet Communications (“Sovernet”), combining the operations of Sovernet with FirstLight. It is the latest in a series of impressive moves for Oak Hill and First Light. Along [...]

Equinox Global Telecommunications Expands Network in Southeast

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Equinox Global Telecommunications announces the expansion of its network into additional regions in the southeast. The first phase of its expansion plan includes several routes out of Charlotte, NC into diverse areas across the southeast that include North Carolina, Tennessee, Georgia and Ohio. Route completions vary upon the route however most will be completed between December [...]

Zayo to Acquire First Telecom Services

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Zayo Group has executed a definitive agreement to purchase First Telecom Services, LLC (“First Telecom Services” or “FTS”), a provider of Bandwidth Infrastructure services throughout the northeastern and midwestern United States, for a price of $110 million. First Telecom Services manages a network of over 8,000 route miles of fiber and approximately 500 on-net buildings. It [...]

Zayo Completes Purchase of USCarrier

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Zayo has completed its purchase of the remaining interest in USCarrier Telecom, LLC (USCarrier). Zayo Group acquired an approximately 50% interest in USCarrier through a previous acquisition of American Fiber Systems in October 2010. The purchase price, which included $2.3 million to retire USCarrier’s outstanding net indebtedness, was $15.9 million. USCarrier is a regional fiber-based bandwidth [...]

Zayo Upgrades Spokane to Portland Route

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Zayo Group has upgraded its fiber route from Spokane to Portland. As an already low-latency and unique route in Zayo’s portfolio, the Spokane to Portland route has upgraded capacity. With these improvements, Zayo will add 400G of capacity to the route and further enhance its ability to service major carriers, industries and businesses in the region. [...]

Achelea Global Networks Announces Fiber Builds into Several New Markets to Include North Carolina

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Achelea Global Networks has begun the engineering and construction of its fiber rings and routes in North Carolina as well as in Georgia and California. These routes will have global reach capabilities and support the latest in technologies. The initial phase of this state-of-the-art, low-latency fiber optic network build will include fiber rings around Charlotte, NC; [...]

XKL’s DarkStar® Optical Transport System Testing Reveals Lowest Latency

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XKL announces the results  from its in-depth long haul fiber lab testing, revealing a one-way 400Gbps data transport speed of 8.067 milliseconds on test bed spanning 1650km.  The latency measurement is inclusive of the fiber and DarkStar® optical transport equipment.  The distance of 1650km replicates the round-trip distance between New York and Chicago. These findings show [...]