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New Terrestrial and Submarine Cable System to Connect Montreal and Toronto

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An exciting development for Canada, as plans are announced to connect Montréal to Toronto via a new terrestrial and submarine cable system. Metro Optic, Crosslake Fibre, and Utilities Kingston have announced their plans to build the system. The project will be developed by Maple Leaf Fibre Ltd., a joint venture of two leading independent Canadian providers of fiber optic [...]

Crosslake Fibre Makes Waves with Toronto to Buffalo Submarine Cable

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ANNOUNCES SELECTIONS FOR CABLE AND HDD SHORE END SUPPLIERS Crosslake Fibre announced that it has selected two industry leaders to provide key components for its high capacity subsea cable connecting Toronto, Canada to Buffalo, New York. The submarine cable is the first system of its kind across Lake Ontario and will be attractive to telecom providers, service [...]

Hibernia Networks’ Cable Allows Microsoft Customers to Connect Anywhere at Anytime

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Microsoft has selected Hibernia Networks for connectivity between Halifax, Canada; Ballinspittle, Ireland and Brean, UK. Hibernia’s Express cable will not only support Microsoft’s backbone, but will also connect several of Microsoft’s data centers via metro and long haul fibers. The partnership will better enable Microsoft’s customers to connect anywhere, at anytime and on any device, which [...]

OCG Supports Voice & Data Customers in Lower Manhattan

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Optical Communications Group’s (OCG), fully fiber optic network is available to support voice and data services for customers in lower Manhattan. OCG’s voice carrier partners have already reserved 5,000 telephone lines for those businesses, enterprises and property owners requiring immediate service downtown. To implement these services, OCG is installing salt water-resistant fiber optic cables throughout lower [...]

Transporting Video? Subsea Cable is Best!

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GlobeNet's COO, Erick Contag, tells why in Subtel Forum's Latest Issue Submarine Telecoms Forum's latest issue, number 63, has hit the stands! The issue, focused on Subsea Capacity, features a noteworthy article from GlobeNet COO Erick Contag, "Leveraging Subsea Cable Systems for Video Transport Solutions." To recap the article a bit, when it comes to the Internet, submarine [...]

The Dark Fiber Community Welcomes AFL

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AFL, an industry-leading provider of fiber optic products and integrated services, has joined the Dark Fiber Community, an online community created by Allied Fiber. The community seeks to connect key vendors with buyers that are planning to build and deploy optical transport networks. Since its inception in 1984, AFL has engineered and manufactured fiber optic cable [...]

GlobeNet’s High Performance Capacity Supports Rich Multi-Media and Video Content Transport

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GlobeNet announces today at the 2011 NAB Show, that its high performance capacity supports rich multi-media and video content transport, including distribution for news, entertainment, social media and sports programming. Connecting the Americas with over 22,000 kilometers of submarine fiber optic cable, GlobeNet’s lowest latency, scalable network was designed to support high bandwidth demand from the [...]


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SUMMIT, NJ & DUBLIN, IRELAND- June 22, 2010 - Hibernia Atlantic, the only diverse transAtlantic high bandwidth connectivity provider, announces today that Deutsche Börse Systems, the IT subsidiary of Deutsche Börse AG, has selected Hibernia’s secure Global Financial Network (GFN) for high performance, protected connectivity between Frankfurt and Chicago. Deutsche Börse Systems chose Hibernia's GFN because [...]

New York-New Belfast Conference Featured Bjarni Thorvardarson, CEO of Hibernia Atlantic

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At today's New York-New Belfast Conference, held at the Ritz Carlton New York in downtown NYC Bjarni Thorvardarson, the CEO of Hibernia Atlantic, spoke on the "The Compelling Proposition of Belfast" panel, sponsored by Northern Ireland Bureau.  Highlighting the strengths of Northern Ireland Mr. Thorvardarson also discussed the importance of the Project Kelvin infrastructure, an extensive submarine and terrestrial [...]