XKL Introduces New Wi-Fi Infrastructure Solution

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As organizations leverage disruptive technologies, such as IoT and smart cities, their wireless and fiber infrastructures must support computing bandwidth demand in real time. And it’s the new technologies coming about that will dramatically improve existing wireless and fiber infrastructures by increasing data speeds, enabling faster video downloads, lowering latencies, and offering enhanced levels of security [...]

XKL’s Optical Networking Products Achieve Nine Consecutive Years of 100% Reliability

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Today, XKL is proud to announce that its product suite of optical networking solutions has achieved nine consecutive years of maintaining 100% reliability with zero system failures in the field across all customers. XKL offers its customers easy-to-deploy high capacity DWDM systems and a vast portfolio of optical networking products, including: DarkStar® 10G Optical Transport Products [...]

The Smithsonian Institution Selects XKL’s Technology to Replace Legacy Infrastructure

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XKL, a leading provider of fiber optic networking systems, announced today that the Smithsonian Institution, the world’s largest museum, education and research complex, has selected its DWDM DarkStar systems to update the institute’s legacy infrastructure. In addition to flexible connectivity, multiple protection schemes are available to secure active connectivity, which was a determining factor when Smithsonian [...]

XKL’s Family of DarkStar Inline Amplifiers Equals Greater Network Control & Management

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Today, XKL is proud to announce its new generation of amplifier solutions, designed for seamless integration with the rest of the DarkStar family. Nowadays, businesses not only have to “predict” bandwidth capacity, but also require solutions that offer network flexibility, with minimal latency. Ideal for enterprises, financial institutions and service providers looking to control their own [...]

XKL Talks Green Data at PTC’17

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XKL is taking a break from the American Northwest climate to attend the Pacific Telecom Council’s PTC’17 event, taking place from January 15 – 18 in Honolulu. Representing the company on the “Topical Session 9: Green Data: Opportunities and Risks” panel is XKL’s Director of Engineering, Dr. Chad Lamb. Dr. Lamb, along with his fellow panelists [...]

XKL DarkStar DWDM Appliances Help Drive Enterprise Cloud and Data Center Interconnects

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Company Releases the First High Capacity DWDM Solution for the Enterprise – in a 1RU Appliance XKL LLC announced today that its new DarkStar DWDM appliance solutions are driving significant adoption of 10G and 100G cloud and data center interconnects. DarkStar DWDM appliances are resonating with customers and DWDM appliance sales were XKL’s strongest-growing product area in 4Q2014. [...]

XKL’s DarkStar® Optical Transport System Testing Reveals Lowest Latency

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XKL announces the results  from its in-depth long haul fiber lab testing, revealing a one-way 400Gbps data transport speed of 8.067 milliseconds on test bed spanning 1650km.  The latency measurement is inclusive of the fiber and DarkStar® optical transport equipment.  The distance of 1650km replicates the round-trip distance between New York and Chicago. These findings show [...]

XKL's Optical End-to-End DWDM Gear wins Product of the Year Award

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XKL, LLC., a leading-edge provider of enterprise fiber optic networking equipment has received accolades for its DarkStar DXM10-10 Optical Transport System. The solution has been selected as product of the year by the 2010 Communications Solutions Awards issued by TMCNet earlier this month. XKL has been effectively deploying its gear in global networks from Asia through [...]

XKL Launches New Optical Gear to Light Dark Fiber More Cost-Effectively

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XKL a leading provider of fiber optic networking equipment is excited to roll out two new DarkStar DWDM products, DXM10-4 and DXM10-2. These systems allow more businesses with enterprise networking needs the opportunity to leverage a two or four port configuration and provide a flexible, cost-effective solution to achieve higher bandwidth. Both devices are small and [...]

XKL, LLC’s DarkStar® Solutions wins Innovative Manufactured Product of the Year from WTIA!

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XKL , LLC  is proud to announce that its DarkStar ® fiber optic transport products is the winner of the Innovative Manufacturer Product of the year award as part of the Washington Technology Industry Association’s 16th annual Industry Achievement Awards.   The award was received on Thursday, February 24, 2011 in Seattle, Washington by XKL’s Susan [...]

New Product Upgrade Brings Value to XKL’s Customer Usability

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XKL is excited to launch DXMOS version 2.2 with an upgraded Operating System to its DarkStar® optical transport product line. The advancement in the product allow users accessibility, more enhanced support features, and improved reporting mechanisms. DarkStar® products are Optical Transport Systems that are easy to manage and cost effective – designed with the user in [...]