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The Dark Fiber Community is 100 Members Strong and Growing

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In September of 2010, after recognizing the need for an online resource for network operators, Allied Fiber launched the Dark Fiber Community. Now, less than a year later the Dark Fiber Community has reached 100 members and counting. With members ranging from equipment providers to dark fiber manufacturers, data center builders, tower builders, and financing sources, [...]

Welcome to The Dark Fiber Community!

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Today the Dark Fiber Community was launched, sponsored by Allied Fiber. The Dark Fiber Community is an online resource for those interested in building or extending a fiber or wireless transport network globally. The Dark Fiber Community seeks to serve as a portal that joins together buyers and sellers in the telecommunications and technology industries. Created in response to the rising demands from network operators for Allied Fiber’s products and services, the online resource provides information and contact details for industry-leading vendors as well as the opportunity to plan virtual one-on-one meetings with those suppliers anywhere in the world.