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Southern Telecom Employees Volunteer for USO of Georgia

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Southern Telecom, Inc. today offered team member volunteer participation today with the USO of Georgia at the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport to welcome and support military service members and their families as they transit the airport. STI’s team has volunteered annually with the USO of Georgia for over 15 years. To commemorate STI’s year-long 20th anniversary [...]

JSA Gives Back to Refugees in Buffalo

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JSA is always proud to give back to the community, but this is especially true during the holiday season. As we all know from recent news, massive amounts of refugees are fleeing from civil unrest and descending on the United States and European countries. It’s up to us to be welcoming, understanding what they are going [...]

ViaWest Honors Young Entrepreneur

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With its long-standing company culture of giving back to the community, ViaWest would like to pay special tribute to Maia Drugmand, a dedicated young entrepreneur who has Maia Drugmand and ViaWest CEO, Nancy Phillips truly exemplified service and helping others through her Turtles4Tots fundraiser.  Maia first started her fundraising program as a 4th grade [...]

Long Island Cares, and So Does JSA!

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It's the holiday season, and here at JSA, we are proud to volunteer our time helping others within our community.  This season, Long Island Cares, a Feeding America member, is working hard to provide meals, food and other much-needed items to those who were affected by Superstorm Sandy. Earlier this week, JSA’s Caitlin O’Hagan, Shannon Ashe and myself, Lauren Sauer, stepped away from our [...]