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165 Halsey Street Now Offers AWS Direct Connect Availability

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Current and future customers at 165 Halsey Street are now able to easily establish a dedicated network connection to Amazon Web Services.  165 Halsey Street is one of the newest AWS Direct Connect locations supporting the US East (Northern Virginia) Amazon Web Services (AWS) Region.  Existing and future customers at 165 Halsey Street can now establish [...]

Next-Generation SDN Exchange, SNAP, Offers Connections to AWS Direct Connect

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SNAP builds infrastructure to support members interested in connecting to AWS Direct Connect, allowing them to bypass public Internet and achieve cost savings The Southeast Network Access Point (SNAP), a leading provider of next-generation Internet Exchange (IX) solutions, announces today that it is now offering connections to Amazon Web Services’ (AWS) AWS Direct Connect service in Northern [...]

Lightower Delivers All-Fiber Networking for Direct Connectivity to Amazon Web Services

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Lightower announced today that it now offers customers all-fiber connectivity to Amazon Web Services (AWS) through Amazon’s Direct Connect locations in New York City, NY, and Ashburn, VA. Customers can connect directly to AWS via all-fiber networking from any of Lightower’s 7,500+ service locations throughout the Mid-Atlantic, Northeast and metro Chicago. End-to-end fiber connectivity between a [...]

Hibernia Connects to Amazon’s Cloud Services

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Amazon Web Services (AWS) has been expanding high-speed access to its cloud computing service by connecting to some of the Internet’s most prominent data center hubs. As a way to further extend its Direct Connect service, Amazon is looking beyond individual data centers and offering private connections through companies such as Hibernia Atlantic. Hibernia Atlantic’s agreement [...]

Hibernia Atlantic Becomes an Amazon Web Services (AWS) Technology Partner

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Hibernia Atlantic is now an Amazon Web Services (AWS) Technology Partner supporting AWS Direct Connect. Amazon Web Services welcomes Hibernia as part of the AWS Partner Network to enhance availability of dedicated network connections for customers from their locations to AWS. With AWS Direct Connect, a customer can establish private connectivity utilizing Hibernia’s network between AWS [...]