32 Avenue of the Americas

Cleareon Fiber Networks is #TEXcited to Announce its Continued Growth at Telecom Exchange NYC

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Today at Telecom Exchange NYC, Cleareon Fiber Networks announces its new Points of Presence (PoPs) at Digital Realty’s data center trifecta: 111 8th Avenue, 60 Hudson and 32 Avenue of the Americas. Now, customers at any of these three locations can access Cleareon’s robust dark fiber network.  "Building our fiber network into the 'NYC Trifecta' represents [...]

Lightower Expands Its All-Fiber Connectivity Services to Amazon Web Services

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Lightower Fiber Networks, the premier provider of custom, high-capacity network services that ensure optimal application and business performance, first announced Direct Connect services with Amazon Web Services (AWS) in late 2013. But the company hasn't stopped there. Lightower just announced it has broadened its direct connectivity options to AWS' cloud computing platform. With speeds now ranging from [...]

TELEHOUSE's NYIIX is Officially Activated at CoreSite's Data Center

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TELEHOUSE America is excited to announce that its New York International Internet Exchange (NYIIX) is officially activated at CoreSite's data center located at 32 Avenue of the Americas. NYIIX will boost activity for all carries and Internet providers within the facility by offering a global peering infrastructure to its customer base. NYIIX is the largest public [...]

NYIIX Expands to CoreSite 32 Avenue of the Americas

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There’s a lot of exciting news being unveiled today at JSA’s highly anticipated Telecom Exchange event. What’s the latest for TELEHOUSE America?  Today the leading data center provider announces that its New York International Internet Exchange (NYIIX) has expanded into CoreSite’s 32 Avenue of the America’s facility. With the new expansion, TELEHOUSE now offers its peering [...]


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With the high demand by financial markets and exchanges for low latency connectivity, its not a surprise to see that Lexent has expanded its network reach into CoreSite's high-end data center in 32 Ave of the Americas. Connecting major financial exchanges and data centers to its secure, high quality dark fiber network has been top priority [...]