new-york-962805_1920What is NYNOG?  NYNOG (New York Network Operators Group) provides a casual meet up atmosphere for education and networking.  JSA engaged with Christian Koch, of Megaport, last year for our SND Virtual Roundtable; we are excited to check out his inaugural event happening tomorrow.


The panel discussion tomorrow is:

The Big City, The Big Networks:  NYC’s Current State of Network Infrastructure

New York is made up of large financial and content production companies, each producing and analyzing large amounts of data to fulfill their end user’s needs. NYC is also considered a large start-up hub and a beacon for creative talent, and the need for the public cloud is larger than it has ever been. With all of this activity, it is indeed true to say that the city never sleeps, including the network infrastructure that powers it.  This panel brings together networking leaders who discuss the changing landscape for deploying and building networks in NYC, the future of connectivity and networks in the NYC metro area, and they explore the idea that the island of Manhattan is one of the best places to build network infrastructure.


Karissa, Jackie and I will see you tomorrow!