We all know the power of effective social media – and Rimhub, a leading global managed services provider, is taking it to the next level for its customers. Today the company announced its exciting new partnership with with Hy.ly, adding Social Media Marketing (SMM) to Rimhub’s staple global managed service offerings.

The alliance with Hy.ly, a frontrunner in social media marketing applications, lead generations, and conversions, provides Rimhub customers with a new marketing service designed to enhance social media marketing strategies through a fully managed service, from strategy conception to full execution. Additionally, the Social Media Marketing service provides actionable insights into the existing social media strategy, which allow for measurable results and increased visibility.

“As social media is such a stronghold in the corporate world, it is important for our customers to incorporate an effective social media marketing strategy into their everyday business practices,” comments Su Fan, Chief Marketing Officer of Rimhub. “By partnering with Hy.ly, a true innovator in social media application development and subsequent lead conversions, Rimhub continues to align with its ongoing mission to accelerate our customers’ business growth and profitability. Our collaborative new marketing service focuses on helping our customers determine and maximize the ROI of their marketing dollars through an effective social media strategy.”

Rimhub offers the social media marketing service to all existing customers and prospects from small to large organizations, in a wide variety of industries and verticals. The service, completely customizable for each customer’s specific business goals and objectives, utilizes an analytics-based approach focused on delivering a lower cost for quality customer acquisitions.

“Rimhub is an ideal partner for Hy.ly, as it allows our two companies to combine its unique blend of telecom and online consumer marketing experience, and continuously service a variety of different industries and verticals, spanning not just telecom, but the hospitality industry, government agencies, non-profit organizations and more,” states Munish Gandhi, Founder and CEO of Hy.ly. “Through our proven social media and lead conversion service, Rimhub more easily paves the way for its customers to reach their true target audiences, whether on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn, enabling more conversions for lower costs.”

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