Professional and amateur photographers alike use Twitter and Instagram to share their images with friends and followers. Well, what if your photos could gain more ground and also get in front of the eyes of designers, journalists and business leaders that may want to license it from you?

Gone are the days of submitting your photos through a complicated web portal, or emailing your portfolio and waiting for “approval” – today, all you need is to add #Scopio or @Scopioimages to your Twitter or Instagram post and viola, done! automatically captures your content and adds it to their platform’s impressive library of 40 million images of which 60,000 images are classified as original content., an image search engine and licensing platform for trending photos and videos on social media, is the newest way for photographers to promote their photos and videos to journalists and brands to license. With studies showing authentic images get clicked on 40 times more than traditional stock photos, the demand for user-generated content is growing.’s library is made up of a combination of content curated using trending hashtags and submissions by photographers. The platform’s clients range from journalists to companies, brands, non-governmental organizations and live events. Once a client reaches out to, the platform curates images based on the client’s search parameters. If content is used by a client, the photographer is paid as a freelancer. Depending on how a client uses the content, generally pays $3 – $100 per use of a photo or video.Screen Shot 2016-08-15 at 10.32.43 AM

“We make it as easy as possible for photographers to contribute to’s growing library,” says Christina Hawatmeh, founder and CEO of “Simply use #Scopio and you’re done – you’re posting like you usually would, but this time you’ll be reaching out to companies as well.”

To learn more, visit’s Photographer Q&A. If you have any questions about contributing to or want to send content in bulk, email [email protected]