Social media is an underutilized tool that can be used to promote your event, increase attendance, gain media coverage, and share pictures and content before during and  after the event. Here are a few tips on how to use social media to make your event a success.

Create a social media calendar leading up to the event
Start promoting your event as early as three months prior. Plan out your posts on a weekly basis, increasing the quantity of posts as the event date approaches to create a buzz.

Create a strong hashtag to help people connect before, during and after the event.  Include other hashtags in your post such as the venue hashtag or topic related hashtags.

Share Pictures
Engage your followers by sharing pictures and live tweet pictures to extend the life of your event.

Get your attendees involved
Encourage attendees to use their social networks to promote the event. Create challenges for attendees with prizes for sharing your posts and using the event hashtag in their own posts.

Keep it Simple
It is critical to have a clear message. Position your event as a an opportunity to “network with decision makers”  or “learn more” about a new offering or product.

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