As part of the SCALABLE Tuesday Talk blog, the company has launched the first in its Network Simulation series, kicking off the important discussion around Predictable Communications and the value that this brings to your organization. 

This blog series is written by Dr. Rajive Bagrodia, founder and CEO of SCALABLE Network Technologies (SCALABLE). Dr. Bagrodia is a thought leader in the field of modeling and simulation, test and analysis, and assessment of the resiliency and impact of cyber threats on large scale networks.

Here is a sneak peek of this week’s blog:

Most users of mobile communications have experienced unexpected deterioration in voice quality, dropped calls, or frozen videos. While such unpredictability is a mere annoyance in the personal use context, the consequences can be severe in other contexts – mission-critical enterprise applications, battlefield communications, or first responders to a natural disaster or terrorist action immediately come to mind.   

Whereas perfect communications are difficult to guarantee in most contexts, predictable communications are often sufficient.  Perfect communications seek to offer an unachievable guarantee – that communications can take place under any and all conditions; in contrast, predictable communications offer a known quality of communication, under different operating conditions.  Thus, predictable communications can help anticipate gaps in communication quality and take appropriate mitigating actions.  …….

…….The bottom line is clear; if a communication gap can be predicted, it can be anticipated, and its’ impact mitigated. 

Watch for part 2 in the Network Simulation series where Dr. Bagrodia will discuss how heterogeneity, scalability, and diverse application traffic are hallmarks of contemporary computer and communication networks. Bagrodia will explore the question “How do network simulations help network planners ensure that planned network deployments will meet these requirements?”

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