We’re Proud to Announce JSA’s New Competitive Benchmarking Service – Part of Our Enhanced Consulting Services Portfolio

Comparing your company and services against your competitors should be an integral part of your overall marketing strategy.  JSA’s new Competitive Benchmarking package utilizes our proprietary data collection, which has been offered by our own Analyst Department over the past decade, along with JSA’s latest, most intuitive digital analysis tools. The enhanced service package includes comparison between client and its competitors on:

  • SEO keywords
  • Media exposure and reach
  • Top publications
  • Ad value
  • Social metrics
  • Share of Voice Over Time
  • Sentiment
  • Trending Themes
  • Website Traffic

Based on the data, JSA will also provide suggested Marketing and PR Key Performance Indicators (KPI) for the next 12 months ahead, if desired by the client.

“Data is not useful unless analyzed and applied within a marketplace context,” comments  Jaymie Scotto Cutaia, CEO and Founder of JSA. “When done well, this data can mean a competitive edge, allowing companies to be found easier, with key messages improved and amplified. Knowing this invaluable information is critical to marketplace domination, and JSA is proud to help companies in our tech and telecom industries by offering this effective benchmarking solution.”

JSA will also be providing this Competitive Benchmarking service to our existing clients who have been retained by JSA for 12 months or longer, in preparation for clients’ 2019 KPIs and resulting marketing plans.

To learn more about JSA’s Competitive Benchmarking service and other consulting services, visit https://www.jsa.net/consultation or email us!