Riedel Networks offers tailor made data communications by selling international connectivity to national and regional telecommunications companies and other partners, supporting them to extend their international footprint. In addition to MPLS and Ethernet services, Riedel Networks broadcasts worldwide sporting events. One such event, was Felix Baumgartner’s recent sound barrier breaking jump. If you watched this event live around the world, Riedel Networks made it possible.

To speak about this historic event, Michael Karner of Riedel Network was interviewed with ancotel TV at cnX6. Hunter Newby, CEO of Allied Fiber asked Michael about the broadcasting of the event and how the company implemented its services. The two also talked about the annual conference the importance for Riedel Networks.

Riedel Networks is anticipating growth in the US and Asian markets driven by connectivity needs in the upcoming year. Their products are MPLS Layer-3 (IP) multipoint with handover via MPLS NNI’s and fully managed Layer-2 point-to-point and multipoint Ethernet services.

For more information on Riedel Networks, visit www.riedel-networks.net.  To view the complete ancotel TV video, click here.