The Internet turned 25 this week, which led Internet users the world over to reminisce about the beginning of the World Wide Web. Many could not begin to dream of the strides we would take since that day; of our now ever connected world. The Internet has come a long way since the beeps and whirs of dial-up rang out in homes around the world, as has the underlying global infrastructure supporting today’s “always on, always connected” mentality.

Infrastructure and network service providers maintain the foundation on which all communications are built. That said, not all infrastructure is created equal, making some fiber optic systems outdated as time passes and technologies advance. That is not the case for GlobeNet, who’s future proof infrastructure is connecting the Americas today and is ready for all that tomorrow may bring.

State-of-the-art fiber-optic systems, like GlobeNet’s, ensure the flow of data between countries and across oceans is seamless. GlobeNet’s network connecting the US, Bermuda, Brazil, Colombia and Venezuela delivers information that inspires not only new ideas, but new ways of working and communicating. What does it take to sustainably enable on-ramps to the Internet across various geographies?Screen Shot 2016-08-26 at 9.46.50 AM


Learn more about how GlobeNet is connecting the Americas at its brand new website: www.