DE-CIX NY ExchangeTouted as soon-to-be one of the five largest Internet exchanges worldwide, DE-CIX New York Internet Exchange is now open for business.   Known for its world-class peering ecosystems, DE-CIX opened it first U.S. Internet exchange today in NYC.   A unique model for the U.S. marketplace, the DE-CIX New York Exchange is a distributed carrier- and data center-neutral model making its peering hub accessible across multiple carrier hotels, buildings, and data centers throughout the NY and NJ metro regions.

The first sites for the NY Exchange include:

  • 60 Hudson Street
  • 111 8th Avenue
  • 32 Avenue of the Americas
  • 325 Hudson Street
  • 165 Halsey Street in New Jersey

The company is planning additional sites in that same region in the future, as well as in other markets throughout the U.S.  Customers of DE-CIX’s other Internet exchanges located in Germany, and UAE will also have direct access to the NY exchange for peering opportunities with almost 600 carriers, content and service providers.

The DE-CIX New York exchange is based on DE-CIX’s proven public peering model, which offers lower operations and peering costs along with best-in-class service.   This is sure to provide a solid foundation for making NY home to a world-class digital infrastructure.

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DE-CIX North America Inc. is a fully owned subsidiary of DE-CIX International AG, the international unit within the DE-CIX group.

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