RCN_infographic_FINALDisaster can strike at any time. And organizations need to be prepared. This week, RCN Business has released a white paper that deals with this issue.

“When Disaster Strikes,” is a free resource that covers the ins and outs of disaster recovery and business continuity planning. Disaster recovery is the ability to rebound from a disaster, whether natural or manmade, in the timeliest manner possible. It is further defined as the use of alternative network circuits to re-establish communications channels in the event that primary channels are disconnected, malfunctioning or inaccessible.

Some facts included in the white paper are – 70 percent of organizations are not prepared for outages and disasters and 81 percent of large companies reported a security breach in 2014. Network outages can cost the average business $163,000 an hour. Every IT manager will experience a power outage, natural disaster, or server crash at some point in their life. Read this white paper to learn how a backup provider can help you protect data and ensure that communication systems stay up and running.

RCN Business can help organizations start planning. The company operates a wholly owned network with dedicated local teams on call 24/7 to quickly address network emergencies. RCN provides businesses with a full suite of communications solutions, including Dedicated Internet Access, E-Line and E-LAN services, PRI/SIP Trunking and Hosted Voice.

A power outage, natural disaster or server crash can close a business. Not having a backup provider could make it permanent. Download this free white paper today and learn how to deal with disaster.