RCN LogRCN Business, a communications provider delivering network solutions for data, voice and video, announces today that it is has partnered with Cross River Fiber, a New Jersey-based dark fiber optic and telecommunications solutions provider, to expand their respective footprints in New York and New Jersey. The deal will allow the companies to leverage each other’s assets and, specifically, expand RCN’s services into the New Jersey market and Cross River Fiber’s presence throughout New York City.

new-14606_960_720The partnership with Cross River Fiber is spurred by RCN Business’ increased demand for high-quality telecommunications services throughout the northeast. The company chose to partner with Cross River Fiber due to its density of network throughout New Jersey and to major data centers operated by Digital Realty, Savvis, Telx, IO, Net Access, Sentinel and Equinix. In addition, RCN Business will have access to Cross River Fiber’s 1Gbps and 10Gbps services, as well as its dark fiber. During 2015, Cross River Fiber has expanded service offerings to key business vertical markets such as healthcare, media, information technology and education.

“This partnership with Cross River Fiber is key for RCN Business as we continue to grow and expand into new markets and develop new relationships,” stated Mike Carrosquilla, SVP of Commercial Services for RCN. “Cross River Fiber and their leadership team have proven to be outstanding partners for us. We now are able to provide our customers – particularly in the finance and healthcare verticals – unprecedented access to these state-of-the-art New Jersey data centers.”

logo-home“Working with RCN Business provides us with new opportunities and is in line with our current goals to increase our service offerings and geographical footprint,” said Vincenzo Clemente, Chief Executive Officer at Cross River Fiber. “Cross River Fiber is constantly searching for new ways to expand its network reach. This partnership helps us attain that objective. Access to the RCN Business network will help us continue to meet our customers’ needs to connect between data centers and enterprise buildings in New York City and New Jersey.”

To learn more about RCN Business, visit www.rcn.com/business.