As a leader in Factory Built Network® design and commissioning, LightRiver Technologies is excited to join a project that brings together the industry’s leading innovators – Telecom Infra Project (TIP). TIP is an engineering-focused initiative, co-founded by Facebook and operators such as Deutsche Telekom, to reimagine the traditional approach to building and deploying telecom network infrastructure.12755256_10156637028485455_70185777_o

TIP collaborates on the development of new technologies and rethinks approaches to deploying network architectures that leverage advances in the technology and an open approach to development. Where does the know-how of LightRiver fit in? We’re glad you asked. LightRiver will contribute its expertise in developing and deploying innovative packet optical technologies and solutions for all. To start, LightRiver’s key focus will be in System Integration and Site Optimization, Solutions Integration, and Open Optical Packet Transport.

“We are delighted to join TIP and look forward to collaborating with optical industry leaders, of every type, to expand the future of optical networks,” comments Mike Jonas, President of Global Customer Operations at LightRiver. “As a systems integrator member that has built its business around providing network operators a vendor neutral choice in technology selection, we believe our perspective will add value to the TIP and its mission to rapidly expand network deployments needed to meet the aggressive growth in global data demand.”

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