Delaware Electric Cooperative (DEC) selected Lightower Fiber Networks to build a 250-mile, all-fiber, custom network to 28 sites across the state. As a non-profit, member-owned electric company, DEC
serves over 90,000 members in Delaware, and is committed to ‘keeping the lights on’ by providing safe,
Lightower-DECreliable, and competitively priced energy services for its member-owners and communities. Lightower’s secure, custom-built network is helping the co-op do just that. Now, DEC can detect and prevent outages, and restore power faster, on gear such as automatic reclosers, motor operated air brake switches, load control devices, and its meter reader systems.

The 250-mile, all-fiber network includes the construction of 180 miles of new network by Lightower for the project. The new network build will also bring the Lightower Network within reach of hundreds of new businesses throughout the state that previously did not have access to all-fiber bandwidth.

“Lightower worked very closely with Delaware Electric Cooperative to design a custom solution that not only exceeds their requirements for today, but that also essentially future-proofs them as their network needs grow down the road,” explained Rob Shanahan, CEO of Lightower. “The scale, performance, and reliability of this DEC network will help them to serve their customers better by allowing them to focus on delivering electricity, while Lightower manages the network. We also look forward to working with DEC members to bring these advanced networking solutions to businesses across Delaware.”

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