Have you checked out the I Love Data Centers podcast, offered by Open Spectrum?

It is a website ‘dedicated to the desire to understand and document the language of the data center marketplace,’ and features an array of podcasts with some of the industry’s top experts, including Mr. Kiser. Open Spectrum’s goal is to provide fresh conversations with the most successful, innovative, and fascinating players that our team has met in the data center industry.

Get a cup of coffee or tea ready, and settle in to listen to its newest podcast, “Atlanta’s 55 & 56 Marietta Data Centers – Episode 016 – Tim Kiser,” available now.

Quick synopsis of the interview by Open Spectrum’s Sean Patrick Tario:

Tim Kiser served as an Air Force B52 bomber pilot during Operation Desert Storm and is the founder and CEO of Colo Atl, a local provider of colocation and interconnection services out of the 55 Marietta data center downtown Atlanta. He was also the lead designer and engineer for 56 Marietta, which is the largest Internet Exchange (IX) in the region. During the interview, Tim discusses some of the lessons he’s learned growing the Colo Atl business since 2001 and during his entire 25 years experience helping to design and engineer over 70 telecommunications facilities across the country. I found Tim’s humility and approach to working with customers and employees enlightening and refreshing and know you will too!