Pixel Factory Data Center, Inc. has selected Colo Atl’s downtown Atlanta facility as a new Point of Presence (PoP) location, heralding the facility as the “gateway to the South.”

Pixel Factory Data Center, Inc. is a colocation facility located in the southern part of Virginia, servicing small and large customers primarily in the Richmond, VA area. The facility offers top low latency to regions north and south of its location. By collocating at Colo Atl, Pixel Factory is expanding its connectivity to new transit carriers and four other data centers in the Atlanta region, with Colo Atl as its primary launching point.

“Our southeast low latency path to Colo Atl is the gateway to the south, and we selected this data center and interconnection facility for its prime location and the rich fiber carrier density it offers,” states Scott K. Brown, President of Pixel Factory Data Center. “Growing our direct peering with quite a lot of new peering sessions via Colo Atl is helping Pixel Factory to open up our southern path and lower our hops and latency into this region significantly.”

Expanding into Colo Atl’s facility, according to Brown, has also helped enrich Pixel Factory’s AS ranking and quality of its paths to end destinations.

“We are honored to welcome Pixel Factory to the Colo Atl family, and to be chosen as its primary Atlanta interconnection location for this growing Virginia-based data center,” comments Tim Kiser, Owner and Founder of Colo Atl. “At Colo Atl, Pixel Factory is utilizing our colocation services and fiber network connectivity to facilitate quality peering connections, further strengthening its position as top low latency provider to key north and south regions of the US. Additionally, Pixel Factory enjoys no monthly recurring cross connect fees within our Colo Atl Meet-Me-Area.”

Pixel Factory anticipates further expanding its data center capacity and reach with Colo Atl in future months.

For more information on Colo Atl, visit http://www.coloatl.com or download its e-book, “Colocation Done Right” here.