Pinnaca currently providing lifecycle assessment of collaboration technology to identify outdated equipment and software

Pinnaca, a leading provider of managed and cloud video conferencing, telepresence and visual collaboration services, is offering free lifecycle assessments of collaboration technology for enterprises in all industries. The program evaluates all unified communications systems to identify all equipment and software that is at or near end-of-life.

Organizations benefit from an unprecedented and detailed 30-day analytics report on the performance of their video estates through a free comprehensive assessment of software per asset. Once complete, Pinnaca provides a detailed report on lifecycle management of the video estate, also for free, and provides manufacturer promotions available to reduce costs while increasing efficiencies.

Pinnaca is providing additional discounts on top of current manufacturer discounts, in order to provide maximum savings. These promotions are currently running through September 30, 2017.

“At Pinnaca, we understand the pain points that enterprises experience while managing their video estates, which is often very difficult and time-consuming,” says Dan Tanel, Chief Technology Officer at Pinnaca. “We offer our expertise and best-in-class analytics and reporting capabilities to help companies understand the most effective way to manage contract and maintenance support and keep pace with the lifecycle of collaboration systems. This free program is a great way to ensure all equipment and software are up-to-date and supported.”

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