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Pinnaca, a leading provider of managed video conferencing, telepresence and visual collaboration services, has announced that its free eBook, titled “How Legal Professionals Are Using Video to Maximize Profits,” is now available for free download. This quick read explains the many benefits of video conferencing and virtual collaboration tools that are available to the legal industry, the demand for which is greater than ever before. A recent study by Frost & Sullivan reveals that, among all enterprise communications, video conferencing is seen as the best option for reducing travel costs and delivering a clear ROI.

The need for constant contact with clients and the sheer volume of required meetings makes video conferencing a smart choice for law firms. And, as the legal profession continues to go global – be it with clients, witnesses or colleagues stationed around the world – this type of communication has become an absolute necessity. With it, meetings that are personal and professional can take place at any time, from anywhere.

Partners, lawyers and staff are required to take part in a variety of highly confidential meetings on a regular basis. Video conferencing allows practice groups in different offices to meet without the additional expense of travel and hotel accommodations. The services can be utilized for everything from client meetings to recording depositions to receiving a witness testimony, all of which must be communicated on the most secure network.

“The benefits of video conferencing for the legal industry can’t be overstated, as they allow lawyers to enhance client relationships via frequent, reliable virtual communications technologies,” states Dan Tanel, CTO at Pinnaca. “Lawyers can host many of their important meetings without the need for physical travel, leading to an increase in billable hours and, ultimately, an improved bottom line. Factor in the ability to pre-record testimony and examine witnesses via video feeds and it becomes difficult to argue against video conference services for the legal industry.”

For lawyers, utilizing a Managed Video Conference solution can save hours of valuable time and free up attorneys and others in the firm to focus on clients and increased billings. Managed service providers offer many services, including helpdesk services, user adoption training and even managed video bridging – all you have to do is show up to the meeting and a trained video professional will handle the rest.

Click below to download the free “How Legal Professionals Are Using Video to Maximize Profits” eBook:

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