Screen shot 2015-01-26 at 2.52.11 PMPEG Bandwidth has activated backhaul services to its 2000th cell site on behalf of its wireless operator customers. PEG Bandwidth reached the 2,000 Cell Site milestone in less than four years from the delivery of its first fiber-based backhaul services to a Dallas, TX-area cell site in March 2010.

After achieving a record year of backhaul deployment services in 2014, the company continues to scale its deployment efforts. Last year, PEG Bandwidth was named the Fastest-Growing Private Telecommunications Services Company by Inc. Magazine and is presently deploying backhaul services to several hundred additional cell sites in the Midwest, Northeast and Mid-Atlantic.

As PEG Bandwidth completes large portions of its fiber network build to support its wireless operator customers, it is leveraging that network to expand its customer base. Prime example of this is PEG Bandwidth’s 10G wavelength product, announced in October 2014 which serves carriers, large enterprises, data centers, content providers, healthcare and medical imaging institutes.

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