FIUPadtec, a global manufacturer and solutions provider of turnkey optical solutions, announces that it has completed the installation of a Padtec 100G Open Wave for FIU/AMPATH over the Florida LambdaRail (FLR) backbone. AMPATH, a project at Florida International University (FIU), is an Open Research and Education (R&E) Exchange Point (RXP), operating as a Platform of Network Innovation. AMPATH serves U.S. science research and education communities by managing a production-level international exchange point, connecting a diverse community of national and international R&E networks.

FLR, Florida’s Research and Education Network, is an independent research and education network owned and operated on behalf of its partner institutions and affiliates. As part of a global research and education community, FLR provides accessibility and connectivity to an advanced, highly scalable broadband network (100Gbps by July 2015) that is designed to meet the ever-growing needs of Florida’s research and education community.

In support of the FIU OpenWave/Atlantic Wave project FLR engineers integrated 100G transponders from Padtec as an Alien Wave over the FLRWave DWDM platform. The insertion of the Padtec alien 100G optical signal from Padtec equipment installed at Jacksonville and Miami through the FLRWave system was provisioned without any regeneration between FLR optical PoPs located in Miami and Jacksonville.

“We are pleased to be able to support FIU/AMPATH and Padtec with the joint experimentation, testing and deployment of the 100G Alien Wave as a key first step to extending and integrating that wave into the AtlanticWave” said FLR CEO Joseph Lazor. “As we complete our 100 G backbone upgrade, we look forward to enabling more successful initiatives like this one in the future”.

“This install marks Padtec’s very first deployment of its compact 4RU i6400 chassis, with a two-node implementation on the eastern seaboard of Florida, from Miami to Jacksonville, and 100G Alien Wave deployment over about 340 km,” said Enrique Lozoya, Padtec VP Engineering Sales. “Ultimately, this network will be part of a larger one Padtec has undertaken with FIU’s NSF supported OpenWave project over the LANautilus submarine network.”