Telx announces the news today that PacketExchange, a next generation Ethernet and IP network service provider with reach across Europe, North America and Asia, has joined the Telx Ethernet Exchange in New York, Atlanta, and Los Angeles. Following this move, PacketExchange aims to strengthen service delivery to the underserved metro areas, and will now provide customers with a single platform of direct connectivity to its network service providers, global markets and SaaS solution providers. Additionally, this will enable PacketExchange to allow enterprises in markets nationwide to outsource their network infrastructure and obtain private, secure connectivity to cloud service providers.  

“As a global service provider, we can view the Telx Ethernet Exchange as an added local presence here in the U.S., rounding out our national footprint and enabling us to offer underserved geographic regions competitive access to global Ethernet services,” explained Grant Kirkwood, Chief Technology Officer of PacketExchange. “We also see value in the Telx Ethernet Exchange marketplace of providers—a critical mass of national and international service providers with whom we can collaborate and form partnerships with via the Telx Ethernet Exchange Web portal.”

Telx now offers Ethernet Exchange services in New York, Atlanta, Miami, Chicago, Dallas, San Francisco and Los Angeles. These locations, combined with Neutral Tandem’s Ethernet Exchange locations through a strategic alliance, deliver the largest Ethernet coverage in the U.S.

“By joining the Telx Ethernet Exchange marketplace of global and U.S.-based Ethernet service providers, PacketExchange can meet the connectivity demands of their enterprise customers without the time and cost associated with establishing private, network-to-network interface (NNI) connections,” said Glenn Calafati, VP of Interconnection Services for Telx. “Leveraging the Telx Ethernet Exchange reinforces PacketExchange’s ‘one-stop shop’ service delivery strategy here in the U.S., while giving them access to new business opportunities with local Metro providers and with other Ethernet Exchange members across all service locations.”

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