Last week at IT Expo West, Grant Kirkwood, CTO of PacketExchange, spent some time with Patrick Barnard of TMC Net to discuss PacketExchange’s unique position in the market.

Grant explained that since PacketExchange’s inception, their main goal has been to improve the performance of the Internet. They currently do this in two ways. First, through their IP internet offering, which optimizes routes traffic takes across the internet to bypass the public Internet, by taking data from source networks to destination networks as quickly as possible. Second, by building collaborative networks, which are Layer 2 Ethernet networks, which span the globe, offering discreet parties the ability to connect in a transparent fashion.

PacketExchange creates one end-to-end comprehensive network for customers by working with many carriers throughout the world. The business model is to provide customers with the ability to have one consistent product rather than piecing individual circuits together.

PacketExchange customers span the verticals from voice IP carriers, enterprise groups, video and post-production, and high bandwidth online video. They are mainly focusing on customers who need access to 10-gigabit Ethernet connections.

IPV6 has played an interesting role in PacketExchange’s backbone infrastructure. PacketExchange requires all of their carriers to support IPV6, however they have not seen an influx of customers seeking it out yet. Grant believes that they will begin to see real traffic within the next two years.

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