Oregon TrailViaWest has once again loaded its covered wagon and oxen and is headed down the Oregon Trail! Anyone else remember that game? The goal was to get to Oregon as a pioneer and find prosperity there.

Well, you might think the reference to a 1980s computer game is a stretch, but Oregon really has been the land of prosperity for data centers and their customers, and ViaWest has been blazing a trail there.

DataCenter_2Today the company announced the build of its newest data center, Brookwood, located just outside of Portland. Designed to be fault tolerant, the Brookwood data center is scheduled for completion in the third quarter of 2015. The facility is ViaWest’s third data center in Oregon and upon completion, will encompass 138,000 sq. ft. of raised floor space.

And here’s where that whole “Oregon as the land of prosperity” bit comes in. Take a deep breath and here we go –

As the third largest renewable energy producing state in the United States, Oregon is known for low power costs. ViaWest designed Brookwood to be fed by redundant medium voltage power feeds, backed by an on-site 29MW generator plant. In addition, ViaWest Oregon is a Gold level partner in the Portland General Electric Clean Wind program, which guarantees a reliable and renewable source of clean energy for businesses that require high-end facilities to support their IT infrastructures.  The fact that Oregon does not have a state sales tax and offers attractive tax incentive programs draws customers from neighboring states like California and Washington who are looking for data center alternatives.

See – Oregon really is the place to be. Expect many pioneering businesses to find their way to this data center oasis to connect with ViaWest. The company is making sure the Oregon Trail is open for business.

Read the full press release here.