Not all optical transport solutions are created equal. MRV’s new 200G coherent digital muxponders that were added to its OptiDriver WDM optical transport portfolio today is now one of the only platforms that covers a full range of applications. Data center operators, service providers and enterprises alike can enjoy smaller access locations to large metro and regional WDM networks, all with one set of modules and chassis. The benefits?

  • Simplified network design
  • Reduced stranded chassis space
  • Limits sparking requirements
  • Minimizes learning curves
  • Ensure interoperability for data center operators, communication service providers and enterprises


Ranging from 100G transponder module to the 200G muxponder modules, the new offering is based on digital coherent technology, all in miniature form factor to optimize density and reliability. The 200G muxponders also provide granularity in the sense of when a failure occurs, it only affects the service on one port. Furthermore, the 200G muxponders enable a pay-as-you grow approach, allowing for real economy combined with a rich set of features that offer industry leading service-density and power-efficiency.

Wondering if the new transponder and muxponders are energy efficient? They actually have the highest power efficiency in the industry, falling between 0.16 and 0.25 watts/Gb. Additionally, when the new modules are used in the full range of OptiDriver chassis from the OD-1 to the OD-4-DCI and the OD-48-HD, they provide exceedingly high density.


“MRV’s new 200G data center interconnect and telco WDM modules offer plug-and-play service activation via our multilayer Pro-Vision® Lifecycle Service Orchestration (LSO) software platform,” commented Adam Scheer, Chief Operating Officer for MRV Communications. “Ease of installation and sophisticated management features, as well as the use of CFP2 form factor optics, ensure that our customers can stay at the leading edge of optical transport technology to expand and operate next generation networks easily and efficiently.”

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