If I told you I could quickly run an analysis of the total square feet of your house and subsequently show you a finished basement you never knew existed, would you let me? What if I then told you that I could rent that finished basement (remember, a second ago you didn’t know it existed), and you could buy a new car, new boat or (snore) put it in your kid’s college fund. How would that sound? Sounds good, right? Of course it does – unless the new space would ultimately serve as quarters for the mother-in-law – but let’s not conjure thoughts of new space in the dog house.

It’s called Optimization, and although there aren’t any optimization tools that can uncover unrealized excess square footage in your house (at least not that I’m aware of), this scenario exists in the telecom universe.

Global Capacity has integrated its industry-leading network optimization analysis tools into its One Marketplace Access Exchange platform. The customized algorithms offer Global Capacity the ability to optimize networks, identifying excess capacity that can be offered through the One Marketplace Access Exchange, meeting market demand exceeding 150,000 quotes a month.

By utilizing the automated optimization algorithms powered by the One Marketplace Access Exchange, Global Capacity is able to help companies identify more efficient network solutions for off-net access services.  Specifically, Global Capacity can execute network optimization analyses that identify opportunities to reduce costs through network novation opportunities, as well as by identifying excess capacity that can be sold back into the market via the One Marketplace Access Exchange. By novating non-strategic off-net network assets to Global Capacity, customers can reduce costs while simplifying operations, enabling them to re-focus efforts on maximizing on-net services and other core competencies to better serve their customers. By identifying excess capacity within existing network inventories and loading it into One Marketplace Access Exchange, customers are able to monetize assets they have already paid for. This excess capacity, which is typically stranded and represents a sunk cost to the customer, can be sold into the market based on customer demand currently running through the One Marketplace Access Exchange, increasing revenue while effectively reducing the cost of that capacity.

“One Marketplace Access Exchange was designed and built to improve efficiency, while streamlining and optimizing the pricing, procurement and provisioning of access network services,” states Patrick Shutt, Global Capacity CEO. “By incorporating our network optimization capabilities into the One Marketplace Access Exchange platform our customers now have the ability to pull back the covers and realize untapped capacity, and convert that capacity back to the market, priced more competitively. This revenue is directly attributable to EBITDA,”

Global Capacity provides network operators the unique ability to strategically interconnect to the One Marketplace Access Exchange in order to take advantage of automated marketplace rates for access networks.  This unique dynamic enables customers to grow revenue by identifying unused capacity, while dramatically improving EBITDA performance through lower operating expenses and leveraging the value of unrealized network capacity.

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