GTC, a live laboratory for network equipment vendors to demonstrate their networking hardware and software, located in Colo Atl’s Atlanta facility, announced that networking specialist, Optelian, is the newest member of the GTC. As a new member of the GTC, Optelian can leverage the partnership to demonstrate its leadership in advanced optical networking technologies to local, national and global network operators within the GTC community.

“The addition of Optelian to the GTC community is another example of the GTC’s dedication to creating the best possible environment for our members to network, collaborate, and showcase their gear” comments Tim Kiser, Owner and Founder of GTC parent company, Colo Atl. “A leader in optical networking technologies, Optelian is an ideal member and an extremely valuable asset to the GTC.”

The GTC is also home to the Southeast Network Access Point (SNAP), a new Software Defined Network (SDN) Internet Exchange. Through the GTC, the SNAP enables networking equipment vendors to interoperate and test SDN traffic across multiple vendors’ equipment. Membership in the GTC also further embeds Optelian within the research and education community, since many of the founding members of both the GTC and SNAP have roots in this market space.

“The GTC is a top-notch advanced technology research and deployment facility, and its community is an invaluable resource,” comments Mike Perry, President of Optelian. “Optelian’s MPX-9110 Flexible 100G Platform is a perfect fit for the GTC’s objectives. We’re looking forward to showcasing our 100G technology and other solutions with the GTC, and working closely on interoperability with other members.”

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