Optical Communications Group (OCG) announces at the Telecom Exchange Press Room that its “Manhattan Bypass” network is now operational at DuPont Fabros Technology’s NJ1 data center. The route from New Jersey to Europe offers a completely diverse path from other networks in the region. Located in Piscataway, NJ1 is one of the largest, most sophisticated and efficient data centers available in the Greater Metro New York Area.

OCG’s “Manhattan Bypass” avoids congested routes in Manhattan by connecting through the landing stations in Long Island. From NJ1, the distinctive path travels to Long Island via Staten Island and Brooklyn. Once reaching Long Island, the network connects to three transatlantic cables: AC-2/Yellow, Apollo and AC-1. The route offers low latency connectivity to Europe for enterprise and financial customers seeking diversity in the region.

In addition to the route to Europe, OCG is providing diversity from NJ1 to Manhattan through an alternate network ring. This New Jersey to Manhattan cable travels from NJ1 to Manhattan via Staten Island and Brooklyn. OCG’s network diversity provides redundancy for clients in the event of a power failure in Manhattan.

OCG is a privately held fiber optic connectivity provider offering high bandwidth fiber optic transmission capacity to a wide range of enterprise customers, voice/data carriers, and government. OCG owns and operates a facilities based network allowing for direct control of end-to-end network quality.

For more information on OCG, visit www.ocgfiber.com.