NYINYI will house a new lab environment for Engine Yard’s Deis platform for large-scale colocation environments. The announcement follows Engine Yard’s selection of NYI as its East coast data center partner. NYI will provide power, space and dedicated servers, as well as a dedicated team to support Engine Yard in bringing cutting-edge bare metal solutions to those who have outgrown their cloud solutions.

The lab will enable the deployment of Deis-powered applications on bare metal. These types of solutions offer a more robust system and enhanced processing capabilities, not to mention performance, compliance and cost benefits. The lab will be used for testingScreen Shot 2015-06-16 at 1.01.14 PM failure modes, network partitions and deltas between Deis releases, which will  ensure that all container on metal solutions meet high performance, scalability and availability standards. The solutions will be built will utilize the 12-factor app to allow for a seamless transfer of applications from any infrastructure to a bare metal server.

“NYI believes in providing true hybrid solutions that blend cloud, dedicated servers and colocation, as we realize certain apps only work in certain environments,” comments Phillip Koblence, Chief Operating Officer of NYI. “As such, NYI embraces new technologies like Docker and Deis, that streamline and enhance the availability of resources and hardware. Our team is looking forward to our continued work with Engine Yard to bring container on metal solutions to those who have outgrown their cloud solutions and are looking for an alternative that allows them to scale quickly and effectively.”

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For more information about NYI, visit www.nyi.net

To learn more about Engine Yard, visit https://www.engineyard.com.