Highlighted as ‘An Innovator at the Forefront of Modern Business’

NJFX is racking up the wins with its latest award, Best Global Connectivity Solutions – New Jersey. Recognized by TMT’s Global Excellence Program, NJFX earned the award for its Cable Landing Station (CLS) campus ecosystem, which enables enterprises, financials, content providers, media, government, and telecoms to have maximized redundancy, reduced latency, and better quality connections. All with fewer international points of failure – validating the protection of their international traffic. The NJFX team ensures each carrier network interconnection is designed and maintained with reliable architectural diversity through a physical presence and access to the Meet-Me-Room (MMR) within the Tier-3 Cable Landing Station Campus.

“Companies like NJFX remain utterly fundamental, not only in their services, but also in their ability to remain at the very forefront of an industry that never stops moving forward. Whether it be through the utilisation of top-tier cloud technology, or their ability to offer unique services, NJFX has become one of the sector’s leaders and a true goliath in the greater technology sphere.” – TMT Awards

NJFX TMT AwardBy establishing a Point of Presence (PoP) at NJFX’s Tier-3 Cable Landing Station (CLS) Campus, network operators can take the necessary steps to design, engineer and maintain a reliable architecture with diversity to other PoPs around the world. NJFX provides direct connectivity and diverse routes between Europe, North America, South America and the Caribbean via backhaul providers. This means lower operational costs, fewer points of failure, and better service quality.

NJFX’s Tried and True Motto – Flexibility, Superior Service, Reliability

The company has been very focused on its partners and enabling customers with access to the networking architecture and tech advancements they require to be flexible and prepare for growth. This year, NJFX has grown its carrier base and subsea cable access – to meet the high demand for diverse network architectures. NJFX has established, through its partners, new routes which bypass heavily congested regions such as NYC and Miami. This enables customers true route diversity all the way down to the subsea cable layer along with security, low-latency and access to a vast carrier ecosystem.

Working in lock-step with its partners and clients, NFJX is able to customize solutions and think outside of the box when needed. It’s dedicated staff works hard to ensure the utmost in reliability and support around the clock.

NJFX’s Roy Hilliard and Gil Santaliz recently spoke at PTC’19 in Hawaii. The team is traveling the globe, making things happen with their next stop in London for the Submarine Networks EMEA event Feb 12 -13, 2019.  Gil Santaliz will be keynote speaker focusing his discussion on: ‘Transition at Transatlantic: TAT 2.0’, a deeper look at data center and subsea industry trends and what happens when subsea cables reach their economic end of life.

The TMT award is in addition to NJFX recently winning the 2018 Global Carrier Award for Best North American Project.