New Transatlantic Connectivity Map Shows Tremendous Reach

This year’s Atlantic hurricane season has been a doozy. One thing that network operators look for to keep network disruptions from happening, is route diversity. With the release of its new route map, NJFX shows a huge advantage with a million-mile plus reach across a wide spectrum of carriers.

When you look at it by the numbers, it’s clear NJFX is a key force in transatlantic connectivity. NJFX offers interconnection to over one million route miles, both subsea and terrestrial, and more than one million square feet of global data center space across 240 countries. The new transatlantic connectivity map shows route diversity across the major interconnection points.

“Route diversity is paramount to telecom providers. Our rich carrier ecosystem without recurring fees for cross connects, goes a long way to further ensure these providers aren’t single threaded and exposed,” says Gil Santaliz, CEO for NJFX. “We have demonstrated tremendous value to our customers with the ability to interconnect to major international subsea networks complimented by terrestrial networks in the U.S.”

Through its partnerships, NJFX clients can strategically diversify their connectivity options to key hubs across North America, Europe, and South America, and bypass chokepoints.

The next major milestone will be expansion of the NJFX colocation campus, with 48 additional acres. This flexible site plan will include a new, two-story 80,000 square foot data center and premium disaster recovery space right next to NJFX’s current Tier 3 facility – and just 60 miles from New York City.

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