Exciting news has been brewing the last couple of weeks at the NJFX colocation campus as they prepared for the official launch of The NJFX Market PoP. NJFX, the first and only colocation campus to sit at a cable landing station and offer Tier 3, carrier neutral data center capabilities launched a virtual community portal today that connects customers to a vast number of vetted service providers that provide a plethora of options for best of breed connectivity and services.

Screen Shot 2017-05-30 at 1.57.12 PMScreen Shot 2017-05-30 at 1.57.12 PMBy establishing a PoP at NJFX’s colocation campus, NJEdge and its esteemed members are now part of the NJFX community and benefit from using the newly released NJFX Market PoP.

Joining NJFX as its first Market PoP user is NJEdge, a member-driven, non-profit technology consortium of academic and research institutions in New Jersey with a commitment to supporting higher education, K-12, healthcare, public sector, and other non-profit organizations. Delivering a broadband statewide network, NJEdge establishes standards for interoperability, economies of scale, and supports new and emerging technologies. With a presence at the NJFX colocation campus, NJEdge ensures their customers receive direct transport and data services for efficient service delivery. Additionally, NJEdge is licensing seats at the NJFX campus to support its 24-hour operation.

“With access to NJFX’s robust ecosystem and its Market PoP, NJEdge receives immediate access to a vetted buyer or seller, and proactively pairs them together to establish the ideal solution – simply and effectively,” adds Gil Santaliz, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of NJFX. “This permits them to expand their customer base and target multiple verticals for enhanced service options.”

For more information on the NJFX colocation campus and its Market PoP, visit www.njfx.net.


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