According to Gartner’s Business Continuity Management Program Methodology, by 2019, 35 percent of organizations with business continuity management that lack maturity will endure major problems recovering one or more mission critical business processes; a 17 percent increase from figures previously recorded. Today, in sunny Miami, NJFX announced its plan to combat that problem by expanding its campus to a new strategic location, only steps away from its cable landing station campus in Wall, NJ. Ideal for disaster recovery and business continuity offerings, the 10,000-square-foot facility will have the same look and feel as the 2016-commissioned Tier 3 campus with work seats licensed on a first come basis, monthly, or long-term.

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The addition of licensed seats further highlights NJFX’s commitment to serving financial institutions looking to achieve FINRA compliance, as well as carriers seeking the convenience of directly accessing their network equipment. Sitting 64-square-feet above sea level, the new NJFX seats offer customers identical security protocols and access to the NJFX Customer Portal. Plus the new facility is hardened with direct fiber network elements; back up generators with room for Uninterruptible Power Service; conference rooms; and a kitchen.

“Having the ability to support our clients with a disaster recovery plan, while also providing them with the convenience of having secure, direct access to their network at our cable landing station campus, is just another amenity that sets NJFX apart from other providers in the industry,” says Gil Santaliz, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of NJFX.

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