NexxCom Wireless announced that its link between the London Stock Exchange’s City of London data center and the Equinix London data center campus in Slough (LD4), is already nearing capacity.  A vital link for bandwidth-intensive traders, the link has exceeded expectations in all critical areas, including latency and availability.

NexxCom Logo for Blog“The London Stock Exchange to Equinix data center link is performing far better than even our own service guarantees,” states Sal S. Benti, Chairman of NexxCom Wireless. “The uptake has been remarkable, but not uncommon. Our proprietary radio technology has significantly reduced latency between these critical locations and is nearly 100µS faster than alternative routes.  The optimized path is within three percent deviation of the geodesic straight line between the London Stock Exchange and the Equinix London Slough campus facility. And it’s as reliable as it is fast.”

Additionally, NexxCom has just taken its newest UK network live between the Equinix data center (LD4) in Slough to London Hosting Center (LO4) in London Docklands. Results of the RFC2544 network tests show that the network performance is well below the latency specifications of <330 µsec, coming in significantly less than our Service Level Agreement.  Even prior to launch, NexxCom had customer commitments for some of the 10 available circuits and expressions of interest for the remaining circuits is strong.

As its existing networks reach capacity, the company continues to move forward with builds throughout Europe. Due to customer requests, NexxCom and the London Stock Exchange are currently looking to build out their London metro network further, from Central London to NYSE Basildon, UK, which is targeted to go live later this year. Like the LD4 to London Stock Exchange circuit, this new path is designed to be within a very small percentage of the geodesic, ensuring superior performance in both lowest latency and highest availability.

“Our operational philosophy of delivering carrier-class networks while meeting and exceeding our SLA commitments separates us from others in this industry,” states Benti.  “We understand the importance of these networks to our customers and understand that fast without quality of service, is meaningless.”

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