NexxCom Logo for BlogNexxCom Wireless, LLC, a leading provider of ultra-low latency trading networks and high performance wireless networking, announced today that its Chief Executive Officer, Jay Lawrence, will speak at the Intelligent Trading Summit on May 13 at Convene, in New York City. Mr. Lawrence will speak on the Execution Latency Reduction panel, “Getting the Most Bang for Buck,” which takes place at 1 p.m.

Moderated by Pete Harris, Conference Chair, A-Team Group, the panel will address closing the gap between latency and jitter as the evolution of data-intensive, high-frequency algorithm trading and highly competitive speeds attract trading firms at a premium. Panelists will address the costs of future performance and functionality improvements.

“High-frequency traders depend on deterministic highly available ultra low latency to support their business strategies,” comments Lawrence. “More effective execution of trading strategy enabled by this deterministic latency equals success for the trading firm and market liquidity which maximizes benefits for all classes of investors.  NexxCom’s experience in this space and its investments into new technologies to advance higher performance low latency communications will offer the attendees at the Intelligent Trading Summit valuable insight into the technology that supports today’s trading firms. NexxCom is honored to sit on a panel with companies offering solutions from hardware, infrastructure and architecture to real-world messaging deployments for reducing execution latency.”

Next week’s Intelligent Trading Summit will answer what’s next for data-driven trading technology.  The event is co-located with the Data Management Summit and will focus on the convergence big data and predictive analytics is having on low-latency trading systems. Panelists, including Mr. Lawrence, will discuss the progression and convergence of the high performance, low-latency technology providing New York and the world with the fastest automated intelligent trading applications and enterprise data.

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