Hibernia Networks

Hibernia Express, Hibernia Networks’ new low latency transatlantic cable, announces today a game changing service for the financial industry. The Ultra Low Latency service provides the lowest latency link between New York and London coming in at sub-60 milliseconds, as well as the fastest connection between other major financial centers in North America and Europe including Toronto, Chicago and Frankfurt.

Engineered to be the lowest latency transatlantic cable following the Earth’s curvature, Hibernia Express shaves more than five milliseconds off of the existing high-speed link between New York and London. The subsea cable is central to the capital markets corridor, offering banks, exchanges and trading houses a reliable and diverse connection for fast and secure data transfers.Screen Shot 2015-09-16 at 12.43.35 PM

“Hibernia Networks is pushing boundaries with Hibernia Express to provide the financial industry with the telecommunications infrastructure they require in today’s world of instant access to information,” states Joe Hilt, Regional Vice President of North American Sales for Hibernia Networks. ”The state-of-the-art cable, designed with a diverse and redundant routing architecture, ensures that financial institutions and trading firms have access to the fastest and most reliable connections between major financial centers in North America and Europe.”

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